Monday, 29 September 2008


Every night
when the dark downfalls ,
I remain with myself and
feel the loneliness.

My only friend…

From the hidden place of my inner life
It comes through the shadows
and face me with reality...

Self-delusion as a consolation ,
this is what people do.
Life as a solitary confinement
Full with illusions.

Existence of friends is
a disputable question.
Lure of the selfishness
prevails over the faith...

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova


akt said...

Hi Sveta, I am just curious: on the lower left corner of this poem, you had a Copyright inserted followed by your name; Could you please tell me what procedures did you do in order to protect your work? Do you have to pay a lot to have your work copyrighted (haha, can't think of a proper word to describe!) Anyway, thank you for sharing.

Innocent_eyes said...

Friendship is beauitful isn't it? but it does not excist, only the notion of it, what we barely comprehend !
Friendship like love does not excist ...

Gaby said...

Hi, Sveta I really enjoy your blog !!!