Monday, 27 October 2008

You are far, yet close.
It is a bitter happiness I taste each day.
Sweet pain spreads in my veins,
When I see your charming smile.

Dry tears I pour tonight.
My soul burns my body...
The torcher of this life
Keeps my scar bleeding.

I need you here
Please come and heal my wounds.

Unspoken words creep in my conscious,
Want to be released.
The cold flame in my eyes is
The sign of a silent rebellion.

Bright darkness covers the night,
Just like a widow's veil.
I cant sleep...

I stumbled on something and
Bent to see what it was.
The lost courage was laying there,
Waiting to replace my cowardice.

When I reached for it,
I felt the warmness of rising Ra.
He knew I would find the way
To get my love and faith.

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova