Sunday, 28 September 2008


Release me please
Let me leave.
I can't stand more
this heavy burden.

Enough of fighting,
enough of pain
I didn't love to cry again.

I lost my smile among the tears
I did the way I could the best

I guess I failed, and lost the game.

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova
September 28th

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artquest1 said...

As I mentioned in my comment I entered on your August 29th post, I am very impressed with the subtlety and nuance of your poetry - especially impressive for a writer for whom English is her third language!
There are a few occasions where your grammar and/or syntax is a bit off - if you would like, I would be willing to make some suggestions. If you'd care to, you can send me one or two pieces by e-mail:
Good luck, Bob