Monday, 27 October 2008

You are far, yet close.
It is a bitter happiness I taste each day.
Sweet pain spreads in my veins,
When I see your charming smile.

Dry tears I pour tonight.
My soul burns my body...
The torcher of this life
Keeps my scar bleeding.

I need you here
Please come and heal my wounds.

Unspoken words creep in my conscious,
Want to be released.
The cold flame in my eyes is
The sign of a silent rebellion.

Bright darkness covers the night,
Just like a widow's veil.
I cant sleep...

I stumbled on something and
Bent to see what it was.
The lost courage was laying there,
Waiting to replace my cowardice.

When I reached for it,
I felt the warmness of rising Ra.
He knew I would find the way
To get my love and faith.

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova

Monday, 29 September 2008


Every night
when the dark downfalls ,
I remain with myself and
feel the loneliness.

My only friend…

From the hidden place of my inner life
It comes through the shadows
and face me with reality...

Self-delusion as a consolation ,
this is what people do.
Life as a solitary confinement
Full with illusions.

Existence of friends is
a disputable question.
Lure of the selfishness
prevails over the faith...

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova

Sunday, 28 September 2008


Release me please
Let me leave.
I can't stand more
this heavy burden.

Enough of fighting,
enough of pain
I didn't love to cry again.

I lost my smile among the tears
I did the way I could the best

I guess I failed, and lost the game.

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova
September 28th

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hopeless Romantic

A hopeless fool you said when we met,
May be the destiny will change its mind
I dare to hope but still afraid...

When your sun sets there and the black veil covers the city
I try to catch the shadow covering you during the lonely nights
My hand is so close but yet it slips away.

You made the dried well floods again,
Winter turned to spring with you.
The cherry blossom on my cheeks…

Waltzing barefoot on the wet grass
I greet the sun with a passionate embrace
Once again love conquered…

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Song of Love

I am the lover's eyes, and the spirit's
Wine, and the heart's nourishment.
I am a rose. My heart opens at dawn and
The virgin kisses me and places me
Upon her breast.

I am the house of true fortune, and the
Origin of pleasure, and the beginning
Of peace and tranquility. I am the gentle
Smile upon his lips of beauty. When youth
Overtakes me he forgets his toil, and his
Whole life becomes reality of sweet dreams.

I am the poet's elation,
And the artist's revelation,
And the musician's inspiration.

I am a sacred shrine in the heart of a
Child, adored by a merciful mother.

I appear to a heart's cry; I shun a demand;
My fullness pursues the heart's desire;
It shuns the empty claim of the voice.

I appeared to Adam through Eve
And exile was his lot;
Yet I revealed myself to Solomon, and
He drew wisdom from my presence.

I smiled at Helena and she destroyed Tarwada;
Yet I crowned Cleopatra and peace dominated
The Valley of the Nile.

I am like the ages -- building today And destroying tomorrow;
I am like a god, who creates and ruins;
I am sweeter than a violet's sigh;
I am more violent than a raging tempest.

Gifts alone do not entice me;
Parting does not discourage me;
Poverty does not chase me;
Jealousy does not prove my awareness;
Madness does not evidence my presence.

Oh seekers, I am Truth, beseeching Truth;
And your Truth in seeking and receiving
And protecting me shall determine my

by Khalil Gibran

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The freshness of the daybreak, the energy and the happiness given by the sun...Your favorite song’s melody arises from your heart to the endless sky and reaches your beloved one with the help of the migrant birds...Even the fact that you breathe the same air with him gives you such a great feeling,pacification. You dont mind the distances between two of you, because there is only you in the whole universe and this makes you closer to eachother. The true love doesn’t recognize distances, it makes you fly. Love is not a torn rose but a wildflower, watered with water from melted snow and revived with the sun.

Open your heart to LOVE! those who are not afraid to love...

by Sveta Sokolova

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

.....when the wind blows through the narrow streets in the darkness,I feel the warmth of your hand,the power of your love ease my fears,I am not afraid....anymore...

Lost in the darkness...

When the darkness fall upon me, I am afraid...I look for a hand to take me out,but there is no one...Big words were said, they faded away with the wind,like a smoke of the cigarette,it disappears but the bitter taste of it stays...
... dew on my face, a blade in my heart, a hole in my soul... angel is lost in the darkness,looking for me...I lost my faith...standing on the edge...looking at the abyss...
...lost in the lifes maze,searching for the light...

by Svetlana Sokolova

Life is beautiful...

I want to dance, dance with butterflies and land on each flower and taste its flavour, then fly towards the sun and melt in the air, become one with it...
Life is beautiful!

by Svetlana Sokolova

Friday, 29 August 2008

no more me...

no more me...what is left is just a ruin...

no more me, just a flesh...

no more me, not anymore,I vanished inch by inch

each time, with the tears I poured

I am nowhere and everywhere...

just wandering in between,like a soul

trying to get beyond borders...

Copyright 2008 Svetlana M. Sokolova